Solar Recharging

Harness the power of the sun.  Solar recharging is a quick and easy way to utilise solar energy.  A simple solar panel feeding a battery, or bank of batteries, will allow you to cut back on your power bills.

Imagine feeding your smartphone, battery charger for the kids toys, solar pump for the fish pond or fountain, or low cost lighting for the front path or garden lighting for free. Adding an inverter would allow either 110v or 230v AC units to be run from the system.

Solar starter kits are a great way to get into solar energy.  A system designed for a boat/car/caravan can be mounted on the roof of your house as a standalone unit.  Adding a car battery or two will allow the system to charge during the day and give you power overnight.  Just remember car batteries need a well ventilated area and should never be charged inside the house.  A simple ventilated box mounted on the wall is best, or place them under a deck.  They need to be high enough to be safe from any run-off and need to be kept dry.

Here’s an example of a system available on sale right now at Amazon.



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